Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How To Use ACE Paces (workbooks) For More Than 1 Child!

*** updated post here

First let me say that I think it's a good idea to buy from ACE so you support them but I know that many right now are needing to tighten their belt so hopefully this will help someone out. We have bought all of the Paces for the kids but recently I needed to cut back.  When the children are little and are not capable of copying into a copybook for the answers you need to come up with a way for them to write in the Pace without marking it.  Most people suggest cutting up the Pace and then putting them into a page protector but I didn't want to cut the Pace up so here's what I did:

First I bought Sliding Bar Report Covers like this:

and fine point pens:

***A note of caution about fine point wipe off markers...most of them are NOT fine point even if it says fine point.  These ARE so I highly suggest you get these since they are most like a pencil or pen.

Then I cut (the part that opens) the report covers  to 8" so they fit a page of the Pace then slide the page in and put the slide bar over the end.  I do this also to the prior page so that the wipe off marker doesn't get on the prior page.

I do this for each page that my kids are going to do for that day and...

WALA!  Wipe off Pace (workbook)...

To erase I HIGHLY recommend you take the report cover off first and then wipe it off...ya I've had it wipe off onto the Pace page so you're warned...


  1. you are a genius! thank you - whered ya get the pens btw? thanks

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I bought everything from Walmart. They are the only store In my tiny part of the world. I'm sure you can get them at Amazon if you need them shipped.

  2. sorry what are the names of the pens theres no link and i cant read the name in the pic! thank you so much!

    1. Hi, Thanks for stopping by, Well the internet ate my picture of the pens. You can find them here:


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