Friday, August 19, 2016

How To Use ACE Paces For More Than One Child - Redo

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I originally wrote a post about this eons ago and since then we've switched up how we do this.  I always recommend that you buy the Paces for each child but when hard times hit, here's something that can help.
First, You'll need to get some plastic pockets (see picture above for link)

Next, you'll need to get china markers.  These are sometimes called grease pencils.  I recommend blue because they erase easily. 

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Now all you have to do is fold the Pace in half and place it in the pocket.  Have the children use the china pens (which won't smudge like dry erase markers) and then check their work.  When it's time for a test, simply have them study the Pace score key (not the test key  or check up but the part they had been working on) and then give them the test or check up using the pocket again.  

These pockets are super durable and will last several months before you need to replace them.  The china markers are self sharpening and when you need to erase them simply use a paper napkin or paper towel.  If marks remain just take a tiny amount of olive oil on the paper napkin and erase the marks.

Happy Homeschooling!

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