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Monday, January 27, 2014

Papa Piccolo Links!

Social Studies - Venice
                          Rick Steve's Europe - Venice, City of Dreams

                          Rick Steve's Europe - Venice and it's Lagoons

                          Pictures of Venice


                          Marco Polo

                          Biography - Marco Polo  - This is an adult version from

                          Color FIAR Disk


LA - Vocab - Word Search
       Venice Coloring Page
       Drama - Act Out
       Fable - Fox and the grapes
       The Three Little Kittens - Poem

Art -  Coloring and Color Matching
          Make a Picture in the Style of the Artist

Math - Adding and Multiplication

Science - Human Body - Peripheral Vision
                 Peripheral Vision!

                 Types and Breeds of Cats

                  Animal Planet - Top 30 Breeds of Cats
                  77 Cat Breeds

Reading:  The Cat In The Hat, Millions of Cats, Golden Books' The Color Kittens

Read Aloud:  The Incredible Journey, Puss In Boots, Marco Polo by Charles P. Graves, 


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Robinson Curriculum & Life of Fred??

I know a LOT of people would like to know if Life of Fred will work with  ______ Curriculum so I thought this post from
Kernels Of Wheat to be encouraging.    This post also lists a relaxed approach to progress through LOF and then onto RC's science.

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