Monday, March 31, 2014

Three Names

Social Studies  
  • Prairie Life
  • One Room Schoolhouse
          Prairie Life Download

              Life On The Prairie  - first 10 or so minutes
              One Room Schoolhouses in America
              Turkey Creek One Room Schoolhouse
              One Room Schoolhouse Experience vs Today's School  Room
              One Room Schoolhouse In Manitoba - in perfect condition!
              Days of the One Room Schoolhouse


  • Games to Play: marbles, fox and geese, mother may I?
  • Make Lemonade and Cookies
  • Lunch of Potatoes and butter 
  • Make butter
  • Copy a picture from Three Names in the style of the artist
  • Music  - Home on the Range, Westward Ho! tape


  • Multiplication using the book


Field Trip:  one room schoolhouse


        Beefing It UP!

                   Grammar-  Adjectives  pg. 17
                   watch Schoolhouse Rock - Adjectives
                    Using one of the sentences in the book circle 
                       or color the adjectives in School Journal (composition book) or 
                         Worksheet Works
                  Worksheet Works  - Adjectives

    Read Alouds

    Understood Betsy  Audio

    The Year of Miss Agnes

    Friday, March 28, 2014

    Sunday, March 23, 2014

    Little Nino's Pizzeria

    Social Studies  

    • Relationship - Father & Son
    • Relationships - Good Communication
    • Character - Servant Heart


           *** Beefing It UP!
                       Grammar-  Adjectives
                       watch Schoolhouse Rock - Adjectives
                        Using one of the sentences in the book circle or color the adjectives in School Journal     (composition book) or Worksheet Works


                                                    Harmony in Red



    Field Trip:  Pizza Dinner or make Pizza (though we do this every week so I'm voting for going out!)

    We did Amanda Bennett's Pizza Party at the same time we did this!!! EXCELLENT!!

    Thursday, March 20, 2014

    Amanda Bennett's Download N' Go Spring Semester for $13.99!!!

    Oh My Gosh!! This is a GREAT hurry...  CBD is offering the above 21 (yes 21) Download N' Go's  by Amanda Bennett for $13.99 including...get this! shipping!  that's a whole semester!  and you can use these over and over.  Click the pic above to get this AMAZING deal!

    Monday, March 17, 2014

    Rerowing Katy And The Big Snow!

    Social Studies  

    • Running A City
    • Relationships - Responsibilities
    • Street Signs - make a city with street signs for matchbox or in our case ..the wood town 
    • Snowplows!!
                  Railroad Snowplow
                  Snowplow in DEEP snow
                    Snowplows on Patrol - from library



    • Meet Kay
    • Vocab - either copywork, coloring page about one, word search


    • Details!
    • Snowplows- Look up in Book of Knowledge or google pics
    • Copy a picture from Katy!


    • my kids know this but....addition, subtraction, multiplication, division using the pics   


    • Weather 
             Difference in Weather and Climate

             What Will the Weather Be? by Lynda Dewitt - We have this


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