Monday, June 24, 2013

Cactus Hotel Unit Study

We did this a couple of months ago when we were on vacay but here's the list of studies we did

Social Studies - Hotels, community, Life & Death, Age

Geography - Sonoran Desert

Art - Watercolor, shadows, use of color to depict twilight, storms etc.  color pallet when  depicting the death of the saguaro (browns)

LA - Italics (first page)

Vocab:  Saguaro
              Paloverde Tree

Math:  Measurement, Weight (tons), 2000 (counting),

Science:  Desert - Specifically Sonoran Desert
                Animals - Pack Rat, Spotted Ground Squirrel (chipmunk), Jackrabbit, coyote, gila woodpecker, elf owl, mice, lizards, snakes, foxes, bats (fruit).
                Plants:  Paloverde Tree
                Life Cycle of Plants
                Habitats (biomes)

Activities:  Watched Reading Rainbow - Cactus Hotel!  This was so much fun for the kids since it was the book and we WERE in the Sonoran Desert...and the cactus were in bloom!


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