Robinson Blogs

Here are some blogs about Robinson Curriculum that I like:

J & M Ranch

Joyful Light - Archived Site

Kernels of Wheat

Whole Intentions

Cynce's Place

Life with 9thHouse!

The Simple Life Of Eight  is now:  Traveling the Narrow Road

Self Directed Study Filing Cabinet

Rosegate Harbour - The Mother Lode of all things Robinson :^P

Mom's Frugal

Here's a video of Dr's long but very detailed :)


  1. Heyyyy, super cute blog! Don't know how you found me, but glad to have found you back~
    Off to peruse around *smile*

  2. Hi Sheri!

    I'm on the Robinson facebook page with you :^) I've always thought your blog was great for people to "see" how Robinson can be done in "real" life.

  3. *LOVE* your vintage education page!! =)


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