Friday, November 18, 2016

Cranberry Thanksgiving - 2016 Edition!

***If you can't get the book you can watch it being read here:


  • Memory Verse  Psalm 100:4

Social Studies  

  • Geography - New England
                             Map of New England
                             National Geographics New England
                             What's the Time and Weather in Cape Cod   - put it on the thermometer

                             13 Colonies
                             Thirteen Colonies  - **in depth for beefing up

***Beefing Up

  • Research the Thirteen Colonies or Cape Cod or New England and write a report or do an oral presentation.


  • Repetition
  • Vocabulary
               Make a Word Search from Vocab words

  • Simile
               Simile game    

Beefing It UP!

  •   Grammar-  Noun - watch Schoolhouse Rock - Noun  Using one of the sentences in the book circle or color the nouns in School Journal (composition book) or Worksheet Works (you can do this with verbs, adjectives or adverbs also)
  • Play the Nouns and Verbs  - Make sure you have an Ad blocker program!! 
  • Write a sentence using a similie
  • Write a paragraph (or sentence) using some of the vocabulary words


    • Warm Palette
                Warm Colors
                Warm Colored Pics

    ***Beefing Up

    • Draw a picture using the warm color palette


    • Measuring Skills

    *****Beefing it Up!


    • Starch
             Testing for Starch
    • Leavening Agents
    • Cranberries
               How Does It Grow? Cranberries

    ****Beefing Up

    • Research and write an essay (report) on Cranberries or give an oral presentation.


    Thanksgiving CrosswordMake sure you have an Ad blocker program!!

    Go Along:

    The Very First Thanksgiving

    Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving  ** Excellent but long...shows the providence of GOD


    William Bradford Biography Nest Entertainment

    Plymouth Plantation Virtual Tour

    Virtual Tour of the Mayflower II

    The Real Thanksgiving Story - (The Story of Liberty)

    Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 

    Charlie Brown Mayflower Voyage

    The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn't

    The Mouse On The Mayflower

    Read Alouds:

    The Story Of The Pilgrims For Children

    Your Story Hour - Persecuted and Betrayed & The First Thanksgiving

    Link to a playlist on youtube:

    Thanksgiving - haven't viewed all these but on first glance they look okay..probably more for older kids

    Thanksgiving Hymns:

    We Gather Together (Perry Como) - my son picked this...who knew??  This is the hymn they sing in the book.

    Thanksgiving Hymns  Playlist - just like being in a cathedral!

    Thanksgiving  Playlist - this has some classic moderns in it

    And For Mom:

    The Thanksgiving Promise

    An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving

    Friday, November 11, 2016

    How To Make An Apple Pie And See The World - Again!!

    Social Studies 

    - Italy, France, Sri Lanka, England, Jamaica, Vermont

                              Lapbook for Italy
                              Lapbook for France   **you need to click on the France tab it downloads automatically so I
                                                                link it here"

                              Sri Lanka

                              Flag of Sri Lanka
                               England/  Great Britain
                               Lapbook for England


                              Lapbook for Vermont - take your pick :)

                              Color FIAR Disk
                              Color Flag of Countries



    Repetition - make ups stories with repetition, look at poems with repetition 
    Vocab -  Crossword puzzle maker
                         word search
                         make a game on Zondle

    ****Beefing Up

    • Write a sentence using repetition
    • Write a paragraph (or short story) using some of the vocabulary words


    Street Scenes, Apple Pie
              Make a Picture in the Style of the Artist
              Make an Apple Pie
              Make an Apple Pie online - Make sure you have an Ad blocker program!!


    Liquid & Dry Measurement
                Liquid Measurement Song
                Liquid Measurement Game - Make sure you have an Ad blocker program!!
                OJ Game - - Make sure you have an Ad blocker program!!
                Gallons, Quarts & Pints - play with water
                Cups to Gallons Sequence GameMake sure you have an Ad blocker program!!

    ***Beefing Up            

    Make up Math Story Problems


    Salt, Cinnamon

                     Making Salt Crystals

                     Mighty Machines - Deep Underground

                     Salt Facts, History & Science

                      The Cinnamon Story

                      Introduction to Cinnamon Industry in Sri Lanka  - For older students  

    ***Beefing up

    • Research and write a report on the history of salt
    • Research and write a report on the spice trade or give oral presentation

    Hymns For FIAR!!

    Library of Congress - Amazing Grace

    In case you'd like to add hymns to FIAR here's a list with the original thread on the FIAR Forum:

    Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? - God Will Take Care of You 
    Yellow Ball
    My Blue Boat - Send the Light
    The Little Rabbit
    Ask Mr. Bear
    Blueberries for Sal
    Goodnight Moon - All Creatures of Our God and King / ALL Things Bright and Beautiful (to go with moon/stars, creation theme)
    The Big Green Pocketbook - Great is Thy Faithfulness
    The Runaway Bunny - O Love that Will Not Let Me Go
    The ABC Bunny
    If Jesus Came to My House - Away in a Manger
    Caps for Sale
    The Carrot Seed - In His Time
    The Snowy Day 
    The Quiet Way Home
    Play With Me
    Prayer for a Child - Sweet Hour of Prayer
    I Am an Artist
    Angust Lost
    Katy No-Pocket - My Faith Has Found a Resting Place
    We’re Going on a Bear Hunt - I Have Decided to Follow Jesus
    The Red Carpet
    Jenny’s Surprise Summer

    Volume 1

    The Story about Ping - Trust and Obey
    Lentil - Onward, Christian Soldiers
    Madeline- What a Friend We Have in Jesus
    A Pair of Red Clogs - We've a Story to Tell to the Nations
    Rag Coat - I Love to Tell the Story
    Who Owns the Sun - Battle Hymn of the Republic
    Mike Mulligan - Our Best
    Glorious Flight - I'll Fly Away
    How to Make An Apple Pie - Bringing in the Sheaves
    Grandfather's Journey - We Have Heard the Joyful Sound
    Cranberry Thanksgiving - We Gather Together
    Another Celebrated Dancing Bear - Blessed Be the Tie That Binds
    Papa Piccolo - Faith of Our Fathers
    Very Last First Time - Count Your Blessings
    Clown of God - All to Jesus I Surrender
    Storm in the Night - Never Alone
    Katy and the Big Snow - One More Day's Work
    Night of the Moonjellies - Launch Out Into the Deep
    Stopping by Woods - Whiter than Snow

    Volume 2

    The Giraffe That Walked to Paris - From Greenland's Icy Mountains
    Three Names - The Name of Jesus
    Wee Gillis - Who is On the Lord's Side
    Owl Moon - This is My Father's World
    A New Coat for Anna - He Keeps Me Singing
    Mrs. Katz & Tush - In Christ There is No East or West
    Mirette on the High Wire - How Firm a Foundation
    They Were Strong and Good - Faith of our Mothers
    Babar - Dear Lord and Father
    The Story of Ferdinand - O Day of Rest
    Down, Down the Mountain - Little is Much
    Make Way for Ducklings - A Christian Home
    The Tale of Peter Rabbit - Alas and Did My Savior Bleed
    Mr. Gumpy's Motor Car - Plenty of Room
    All Those Secrets of the World - A Song of Peace
    Miss Rumphius -For the Beauty of the Earth
    Little Red Lighthouse - Send the Light
    Drinking Gourd - My Father Knows
    Harold and the Purple Crayon - Only Believe
    When I Was Young in the Mountains – two for this one: The Home Over There; One Sweetly Solemn Thought 
    Gramma's Walk - There is a Wideness

    Volume 3

    The Bee Tree - I Am Resolved
    Andy and the Circus - Make Me a Blessing 
    The Wild Horses of Sweetbriar - For the Beauty of the Earth 
    Paul Revere's Ride - I Will Sing the Wondrous Story
    Henry the Castaway - Let All the World
    The Finest Horse in Town -Were You There
    Truman's Aunt Farm -Forward Through The Ages
    The Duchess Bakes a Cake
    Andy and the Lion -Rescue the Perishing
    Daniel's Duck - God, Who Stretched the Spangled Heavens
    Warm as Wool
    The Salamander Room - In the Garden
    Climbing Kansas Mountains - God of Our Fathers
    Amber on the Mountain - Wonderful Words of Life
    Little Nino's Pizzeria - Out of my Bondage

    Volume 4

    Roxaboxen -Lord, I'm Coming Home
    The Raft 
    Mailing May - Christ Receiveth Sinful Men
    Snowflake Bentley - Have Thine Own Way
    The Gullywasher
    Arabella - Saved, Saved
    Higgins Bend Song and Dance
    Cowboy Charlie
    Grass Sandals
    The Hickory Chair - Spirit of God, Our Comforter
    Hanna's Cold Winter - Grace Greater
    The Hatmaker's Sign - Word of God, Across the Ages
    The Pumpkin Runner

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