Saturday, January 26, 2013

Very Last First Time

This last week we rowed Very Last First Time and I incorporated some KONOS in it so if you have KONOS Volume III it's page 125 in mine.

We Discussed:

Inuit culture
Ungava Bay
Ordinal Numbers
Dressing for Conditions
Simple Machines - Levers

We watched:

Toot and Puddle Arctic Adventure - I had this burned from years ago

Igloo Building

Curious George Season 5 Episode 7  George's Home Run/ Monkey On Ice

BBCNews  Inuit's Risky Mussel Harvest Under Sea Ice   - this is a bit sensationalist so I DID'NT read the  subtitles :)

Under The Ice

For olders:
Nanook of the North - it's ALOT of hunting and such and sleep neked so you're warned :)

we looked up:

Placed a story disc on our map of Ungava Bay
Unganva Bay
Weather in Unganva Bay  HOLY COW it's cold there!
Inuit Culture

We read:

Childcraft        Eskimos  (they are actually inuits but they don't have that listed)
Book Of Knowledge

We Created:

We water color painted the front of the book
We discussed pointillist and painted a picture using that technique
We made an igloo out of ice cubes - This was a FAIL!  should have read the instructions better
we made inuit sun glasses - this was something the littles really couldn't do by themselves so I would eliminate this for littles but maybe for middles.

We Dramatized:

We made an underwater Ice cave and went mussel hunting

I just happen to have mussels from last fall when we would go hiking around the lake

Someone has already done a bunch of stuff finding videos on Youtube for Very Last First Time!  Thanks whoever you are :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Everything Homeschool - K-12 for $15.95!

Need a cheap K-12 curriculum that is Delight Directed ( aka Child Led, Unschooling, funschooling)??  They are little hard to come by.  Most if not all boxed curriculum involve history as the spine and everything else revolving around that.  Unless you use unit studies but even then you're somewhat limited to what is scheduled for the day (or week or month).  

Here's a great find if you need unit studies or inspiration for K-12.  Seriously it is soooo worth it for only $15.95 for a year of ideas that are internet linked and completely download and go.    There really is so much on this site once you join that you could be there for a while so put on a Sparkle Story and have a look see.  They have lesson plans for all the years of school INCLUDING language arts and math which most, if not all of the "complete" curriculums don't come with. 

So without further ado.... Everything Homeschool

Monday, January 7, 2013

Here's a great quote by homeschool pioneer Dr. Raymond Moore

"Teaching is inspiring a student rather than filling him with facts.  It is responding to him rather than demanding of him.  It is motivating him to explore his own rather than controlling his explorations.  It is inducing him to think, rather than repeating others' thoughts.  Teaching is leading others to be like you-and more.  It is finding lessons in everything you see, hear, smell, taste and touch and bringing them together to give deeper meaning and fulfillment to life.

Home Style Teaching
Dr. Raymond & Dorothy Moore
Pg 16

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year!

We've been Waldorfing for the last couple of months (which I seem to do every fall) and now we're back to what I like to call "organic homeschooling" a' la  Moore Homeschooling  :)  The kids wanted to do AB's Pizza unit so now I'm gaining weight LOL!

In other news....Amanda Bennett is running a sale for the 12 days of christmas so now is a good time to score some cheap units. :)

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