Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Amanda Bennett Birthday Bash Every Day $3

If you follow my blog you know we love Amanda Bennett Unit Studies and use them all the time.  They were an answer to prayer when I didn't want to pull my own units together (which I think is more mommy intensive than kid friendly or useful) when I found these.  They truly are download and go!  

Every day this week Amanda Bennett Unit Studies will have different sales to celebrate so this is a GREAT time to go get some units.  They have also been running 5 for $5 off and I'm not sure if it applies but IF it does apply to the sales.... go...go now and pick up some of these!  If you have an Ipad you can download  GoodReader from Itunes and do these units ON YOUR IPAD! 

Click the pic above and then up at the right hand corner click the specials tab and you'll find the days offerings.

Sparkle Stories for $1 - Need A Break From TV?

We LOVE sparkle stories!  If you haven't heard of them they are gentle, friendly stories told by a Waldorf teacher and they're awesome when you need to get some space but don't want to turn on the TV babysitter.  Did I mention they were gentle?  It can be really, really hard to find sweet, gentle stories for children that are audios so this definitely fills a need!

Right now you can enjoy a subscription to a month of 3 different stories (that would be 3 a week x 4)  for just $1!

We do:  At Home With Martin & Sylvia, Martin & Sylvia, Willowbee Tree

Click the logo to find your favorites and carve out some time for Mommy!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nature Study and Science- The Easy Way!

Need to get some nature study in but...well...you don't know where to start?  Try The Kids' Nature Book!

This has been our "go-to" when nothing exciting is happening outdoors.  Why would this be the go to?  Because there is something to do EVERY DAY of the year.  Is it January 12th  and you don't know what to do?  The book has you covered.  November 30th?...Got It.  Save your sanity and check this out of your library...you'll see what I mean.

Pair this with The Storybook Of Science for your older children and you've got your science covered!

What a fun and educational book Nature Anatomy is!  The kids will love to just peruse it and maybe even copy the illustrations :)  

And I'd be remiss if I didn't suggest that YOU have yourself covered by getting the classic Handbook of Nature Study.  This has tons of info for you to read (not to the kids) so you sound like a naturalist without trying!  Simply find what your kids asked you about and let them know.  Of course don't bore them by reading directly out of it...unless they are wanting you to, or they are in Jr. High and up.

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