Monday, June 10, 2013

Down Down The Mountain Links!

Social Studies - Blue Ridge Mountains
                          Blue Ridge Parkway
                          Blue Ridge Mountains
                          Appalachia Mountain Montage

                          Appalachian Culture
                          Women Of These Hills - quite long but very informative...there is some reference to
                                                                  creation stories
                           Heart Of Appalachia
                          Appalachian Settlers and Their Dwellings - for some reason this doesn't want to play
                                                                                               on an iPad

LA - Vocab- word search
         Drama - Act Out

Art -  Making Composite Illustrations
          Make a Picture in the Style of the Artist

Math - Playing Store, Money and adding Money

Science - Botany of the Blue Ridge Mountains
                Virtual Drive of Blue Ridge Parkway in Bloom
                Night Birds
                Whipporwill Calling At Night - Only sound
                 Barred Owl Hooting

Play with Lincoln Logs!

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