Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Miss Rumphius - Repost!


Social Studies  

  • by the Sea - Maine 
  • Special Work - Gifts,What do you like to do?
  • Aging - talk about how it's a part of life and you're not able to do as much 
  • Regions of the world - Look up all the places  on a  map mentioned in the book  tropical island,  mountains, jungles & deserts. The books mentions Kangaroos (Australia) and Lotus-Eaters (Djerba and greek mythology)  
  • Tall Ships! - If Kids' are really interested Amanda Bennett has this  


  • Library Systems - play library
  • Vocab - either copywork, color a picture about one, word search


  • Details!
  • Islamic Architecture - Look up in Book of Knowledge or google pics
  • Copy a picture of Islamic Architecture


  • Bushels & Pecks - we farm so we actually have real bushel & peck baskets hanging around.    


  • Plants, Seeds - We've already grown beans in glass but do  this again.  Sow some lupines seeds we have.  
  • Telling direction by the sun - go outside and find points of a compass by where the sun is
  • Shells - Conchs and pearl diving

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Tale Of Peter Rabbit - Again!

Read Aloud :  The Tale of Jimmy Rabbit by Arthur Scott Bailey - FREE! or any other Beatrix Potter

Social Studies - Day 1

  • Read Eph. 6:1 Children obey your parents, what does that mean?  Copywork
  • Setting Rules
  • Obedience - Obedience by Jane Buerger (book...we have this)  & KONOS Obedience Vol 1 pgs 136-139
  • Encouragement
  • Setting - England
  • Every day this week make a recipe from Peter Rabbit's Cookery Book (we have this)
  • Watch Rick Steves' Travels  -England
Famous Sites of London

English Countryside

LA - Day 2

  • Read 2 Kings 5 - Naaman
  • Onomatopoeia
  • vocab - word search or act out
  • Descriptive Language
  • Watch "The Tales of Peter Rabbit"

Art - Day 3

  • Read the 10 Commandments.  Make  a 10 commandment stomes (rolls with scroll poking with each commandment) or make a poster of 10 Commandments
  • Act out the scenes
  • Draw a picture based on a page from the book
  • Watch "The Country  Diary of A Edwardian Lady" - we have this

Math - Day 4

  • Read Math 7:12 & 22:23-39
  • Figuring and grouping - seed catalogs, calendars
  • Fortnight - What is it?

Science - Day 5

  • Read Titus 3:1 Submit to Authority...who is our authority?  Copywork
  • Plan a garden - we've already done this with ours but go over again.  We use square foot gardening.
  • Introducing new species
  • Gathering food
  • Catching a cold
Species Introduction

Invasive Plants


Square Foot Gardening

Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter - Konos Unit Links 2016

Easter - Konos Unit Links 2016

Day 1 - Palm Sunday

Review Definition of Love/Generosity  pg 1
      Giving With A Happy Heart

Read Objectives
       A.  To appreciate God's Generosity to us
       B.  To give generously
              1.  Cheerful
              2.  Motivated by love
              3.  Appropriate to the person
              4.  Within limits

Start Definitions for Vocabulary

Begin Memorizing John 3:16

Read Luke 19:28-44
    Discuss how the Jewish people expect Jesus to be a physical king for Isreal.
    They were expecting him to rid them of the Roman empire.
    They didn't understand  that he was coming as the King of Heaven and Earth which
    is why later they yelled "crucify him".


Listen to Handel's Messiah on Youtube
and looked up the verses which were all from scripture.

Discuss Triumphal Entry
The Mount of Olives - Lion and the Lamb Ministries

Make Palm Leaves out of hand prints
        draw around hands on green paper and attach to a stick

Dramatize Jesus' Entry
      Wrap head with towel or flour sack   
       Lay down bath towels
       Say "Blessed be the King that cometh in the
                name of the Lord: Peace in heaven,
                and glory in the highest"

27.  Start Easter Tree - Palm Ornament

Day 2- Passover, Maundy Thursday

Review Definition of Love/Generosity  pg 1
      Giving With A Happy Heart

Read Objectives
       A.  To appreciate God's Generosity to us
       B.  To give generously
              1.  Cheerful
              2.  Motivated by love
              3.  Appropriate to the person
              4.  Within limits

Start Definitions for Vocabulary

Begin Memorizing John 3:16


Copy John 3:16 and decorate to hang up in a place of honor

Read Luke 22:7-30

3.  Observe Da Vinci's Last Supper read about it's history

Last Supper - Khan Academy

4.  Make Unleavened Bread - Matzah Recipe

5.  Recline at a table to eat

The Seating Plan at The Last Supper- I'm not catholic but found this fascinating...

6.  Washing one another's feet - Read the activity...there's a lot

My personal note here is that I tried to find scripture about
women having their feet washed and there is none.  It describes
slaves or women washing feet but not free men.

27.  Easter Tree - Clearing The Temple, make birdcage ornament

Listen to Your Story Hour - Betrayal or buy Individual Here

Day 3- Hearing & Trial - Good Friday!

Review Definition of Love/Generosity  pg 1
      Giving With A Happy Heart

Read Objectives
       A.  To appreciate God's Generosity to us
       B.  To give generously
              1.  Cheerful
              2.  Motivated by love
              3.  Appropriate to the person
              4.  Within limits

Make Cross word with definitions for Vocabulary
Make Artwork with John 3:16 to put on mantle

** On Good Friday - Make sure curtains are closed from 9:00am to 3:00pm - darkness and prayer, meditation & quiet

Continue Memorizing John 3:16


16.  Read Jesus' Trial
17.  Good Friday
18.  He GAVE his life!
22.  Hot Cross Buns!  Recipe for breadmaker
23.  Hot Cross Buns Shout!

27.  Easter Tree - Widow's Mite

Watch and listen to  Were You There When They Crucified My Lord by Johnny Cash on youtube  and watch and listen to  The Old Rugged Cross

Watch - The Robe (make sure you have AdBlock Plus)  or Here but you'll have to pay.

 Listen to Your Story Hour - Trial or buy Individual Here

Day 4 - Easter Around The World

Review Definition of Love/Generosity  pg 1
      Giving With A Happy Heart

Read Objectives
       A.  To appreciate God's Generosity to us
       B.  To give generously
              1.  Cheerful
              2.  Motivated by love
              3.  Appropriate to the person
              4.  Within limits

Make word search with definitions for Vocabulary


25.  Easter Symbols
28.  Easter around the world
29. Pysanky Eggs and and even better Ostrich Egg Pysanky!!
30.  Egg Roll
33.  Egg Math

27.  Easter Tree - Bread, loaves, grapes

Make Cross art using cellophane tape and colors...make cross with cellophane tape, color, remove tape

Listen to Your Story Hour - The Road To Skull Hill or Buy Individual Here

Day 5 - Review

Review Definition of Love/Generosity  pg 1
      Giving With A Happy Heart

Read Objectives
       A.  To appreciate God's Generosity to us
       B.  To give generously
              1.  Cheerful
              2.  Motivated by love
              3.  Appropriate to the person
              4.  Within limits

Review the last week of learning!

Listen to Your Story Hour - A Promise To Keep or Buy Individual Here


37.  Egg Roll Games

27.  Easter Tree - Lamb of God

  Watch Easter Parade movie  make sure you have an adblocker!
  Make "He Has Risen" Kite


***Here's my link to how I plan KONOS using sticky notes - it's super fast once you get the hang of it

Monday, March 21, 2016

FREE Easter Unit Study

Love when something is free AND it's for Easter!  The Teaching Home has a FREE unit for the week of Easter that is an awesome resource....go check it out!

Free Five Day Easter Unit Study

Saturday, March 5, 2016

FREE!! Five In A Row (FIAR) CM Planner - Again!

Whadya Think?  click on the photo if you'd like to download

***This is a re-post from March 30, 2011...wow has time flown!!  If you aren't using phonics I would switch that to spelling or something like that.  The space to the left of numbers is so you can write the workbook or text or assignment.  N= Narration and RA = Read Aloud.   

See this post to see it filled out.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Five In A Row (FIAR) For Older Kids!!

There's a general misconception out in the homeschool world that Five In A Row (FIAR) is just a kindergarten curriculum.  That's pretty sad to me because I know from experience that it can make a wonderful multi-age (multi-grade) experience....it just takes some tweeking.  One room schoolhouses did this type of thing all the time and since you are probably homeschooling more than one child, you can glean from the one room schoolhouse experience. 

One of the struggles with homeschooling is having a curriculum for everyone.  Now there are people who can keep things together for a while with everyone in different levels but as someone who has homeschooled a long time I can assure you at some point you will burn out running from one kid to another.  Yes, you will have to keep the 3R's at each individual level but you can learn the other things together just at different levels.   You can also have the older students help with the younger students and I can tell you  that something amazing happens when children teach a younger sibling.  Older siblings can "teach" in a way that younger students really understand!  Don't underestimate what a 7 yo can do! ;)

If you would like to see how that might work in action just read the book Understood Betsy, and you will get great insight into how multi-level teaching aka one-room schoolhouses worked. Now how do you actually use FIAR for older kids?  Here's some great wisdom from Melissa Crabtree, at Five In A Row, who wrote about this very topic:

Can I use Five in a Row with my Older Child?

My child is 9 or 10 or… can I use Five in a Row with him? This is a question I see almost every week on one of our social media pages. The short answer is: YES! Here’s the long answer:
One of the beautiful things about Five in a Row is its flexibility. It can easily be adapted to fit many ages of children, many groups of siblings, and even more ability levels.  If you have children whose ages are spread over several years, you can still keep them together in order to simplify your schooling.  Here are a few tips to doing it and still have it be “enough:”
  • In your planning, note which lessons you want to cover during your week of schooling. You may want to cover some with your older student that your younger student isn’t ready for; just note that.  There may also be lessons that you want to introduce to your younger student that your older student has already covered; these are perfect opportunities for review!
  • Consider choosing one theme for your student to cover in depth appropriate to his age, of course.  Social studies, history or science topics work well here.
  • You might want to reserve books or movies from the library that will allow you do develop the concept with your children on their levels. For example, a mostly picture, 24 page book on lions for your 6 year old and a 44 page book with much more depth about the entire big cat family for your 10 year old. Alternatively can
    often use the internet for wonderful information and photographs to enhance learning for your older child.
  • Read the Five in a Row book with all of your children. As you’re reading, don’t hesitate to point out the concepts for your older child while your younger child listens.  Even a non reader can begin to recognize quotation marks, and it’s a perfect way to expose them for future development! As you’re discussing the topics, each child will absorb what they are ready to absorb. Typically, teach to the oldest student (without boring the younger) and allow each child to glean what is at their level.
  • Throughout your week, read the non-fiction titles (appropriate for each child) with your students to develop your concepts. Your older child will enjoy reading with you and will also benefit from some reading alone. Both of these will develop reading comprehension skills.
  • After “studying” a topic, have the younger children draw a picture or dictate to you the most important things they remember about what they learned. Your older child can write a few illustrated paragraphs about what they remember, knowing that this narration will differ for each child.  Assigning a 5 paragraph essay, a comic book story, a poster or the like are great ways for your child to “narrate” all they have learned on a topic. Using the Five in a Notebook pages that will be ready shortly will also be perfect for these ages!
  • There will be a point where your older child (10+) truly has outgrown sitting with you while you read the book five times over. Just read in their presence and you’ll find them listening in, I assure you. :)
  • Adding a chapter book is a great way to add to your older student’s learning.  Historical fiction books and biographies are very enriching!
  • Have your older student read to or teach your younger student! The summary of your older student’s learning could be the perfect introduction to your younger student’s exploration!
  • If you go on a field trip, keep in mind what each of your children learned and point out things you notice that are appropriate for each child. This will reinforce what you taught each child and foster individual relationships in addition to family memories!
Many families need to simplify and these are some tips to assist that mama! There will be a point where your child will be ready to move on to Beyond Five in a Row, and you will know when you’ve reached that point. We certainly wouldn’t discourage you from moving on from Five in a Row when your child is truly ready, because Beyond is full of delightful chapter books you won’t want to miss! The Beyond books are perfect read-alouds for the entire family, and I bet you’ll find that even when your student is well into Beyond, you’ll find him listening in to the Five in a Row titles! We find that even when we try really hard to separate the levels, they end up overlapping naturally in every day life!

If you're like me and like to listen to some encouragement, I'd recommend Steve Lambert's (the owner of FIAR) I Can't Teach All The Grades at Once or better yet....just get the whole series for $20!

And Here's a Page from my old FIAR vol. 3 that explains really well how to do it with an older child.

If you're curious how we tweek it just go to the FIAR tab at the top and most of the books have "beefing it up" options.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives.  Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

John 14:27

Monday, January 18, 2016

Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett Sale.. $3!!

If you are long time reader you know we love unit studies and Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett are top on our list since there is NO teacher prep!  Just load it on the IPad or Kindle Fire and go to town!  If you need to write you can mark it up on the tablet or print out the page you need OR just use a spiral notebook (you know the cheapie ones that are .10 at the back to school sales!)  

So..do you need a fresh new change for history or maybe just homeschool in general?  Check out TODAY only Amanda Bennett has Abraham Lincoln Unit Study on sale for $3!!!  February is Presidents day so why not take a break from the grind of textbooks and try this for fun?

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