Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Color Your Way To Math Facts!

I've thought about doing what this lady has done a million times but FINALLY someone did it for me. 

 Color your Multiplication Facts!!

I'm not affiliated just thought I'd pass along this fun way of learning!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Climbing Kansas Mountains - Again!

Social Studies


State Symbols

    Father Son

    Language Arts


    Descriptive Writing

    ****Beefing Up

    • Write a sentence using a simile
    • Have child write a story using descriptive language


    Mixed Medium - Pastels, Charcoal and Colored Pencils

    • Color a Picture in the style of the artist
    Four Dough Map



    Grain Measurements

    Adding and Multiplying
    • Math problems using 8 or 10 feet x stories of building


    Wheat to Flour

    For Fun:

    Read Aloud:  Little Red Hen

    Tuesday, August 23, 2016

    Genesis Science Network! - Science the EASY way

    Oh my!!  What a resource this is!  If you homeschool for half a second you know that science shows on TV are NOT creation friendly...no worries now because Genesis Science Network has you covered!  Seriously this is very exciting and you can stream on most of your devices or watch on streaming TV through apps.   Or if you don't have those you can stream it on your computer!  They have 24 hour program and while there is lap over it's so refreshing to be able to click this on and not have to do the usual..."no honey we don't believe we came from apes"  or  "no honey we don't believe the universe is 60 billion years old" bit.  Click the picture or here and GO DONATE so they stay on!

    We plan on using this for science this year..nice and easy for mommy ;)

    Monday, August 22, 2016

    Kiddie Records! Holy Hi-Fi Batman! - Replay!

    Here's a post from the past (5/12/12) that would be nice to use when you feel like turning on the TV:

    Well if you're feeling a need to let the kidlets relive your youth...or you need some fun entertainment go check out:

    Friday, August 19, 2016

    How To Use ACE Paces For More Than One Child - Redo

    click on picture for link to buy ** no affiliation

    I originally wrote a post about this eons ago and since then we've switched up how we do this.  I always recommend that you buy the Paces for each child but when hard times hit, here's something that can help.
    First, You'll need to get some plastic pockets (see picture above for link)

    Next, you'll need to get china markers.  These are sometimes called grease pencils.  I recommend blue because they erase easily. 

    click picture for link *** no affiliation

    Now all you have to do is fold the Pace in half and place it in the pocket.  Have the children use the china pens (which won't smudge like dry erase markers) and then check their work.  When it's time for a test, simply have them study the Pace score key (not the test key  or check up but the part they had been working on) and then give them the test or check up using the pocket again.  

    These pockets are super durable and will last several months before you need to replace them.  The china markers are self sharpening and when you need to erase them simply use a paper napkin or paper towel.  If marks remain just take a tiny amount of olive oil on the paper napkin and erase the marks.

    Happy Homeschooling!

    She carefully watches everything in her household and suffers nothing from laziness.
    Proverbs 31:27

    Tuesday, August 2, 2016

    Uncle Arthur Bible Stories Curriculum - FREE!!

    The Uncle Arthur Bible Stories books are much beloved in this house!  We even have the old cassettes made by Your Story Hour people and the kids LOVE these.  So when I discovered there is a FREE curriculum you can download for Vol. 1-6 (grades 1-4) and   here's the one for Vol. 7-10 (grades 5-8).  This is just an awesome resource and I hope it will bless many of you!

    Tuesday, June 14, 2016

    Three Names - Again!!

    Three Names

    Social Studies  
    • Prairie Life
    • One Room Schoolhouse
              Prairie Life Download

                  Life On The Prairie  - first 10 or so minutes
                  One Room Schoolhouses in America
                  Turkey Creek One Room Schoolhouse
                  One Room Schoolhouse Experience vs Today's School  Room
                  One Room Schoolhouse In Manitoba - in perfect condition!
                  Days of the One Room Schoolhouse


      • Games to Play: marbles, fox and geese, mother may I?
      • Make Lemonade and Cookies
      • Lunch of Potatoes and butter 
      • Make butter
      • Copy a picture from Three Names in the style of the artist
      • Music  - Home on the Range, Westward Ho! tape


      • Multiplication using the book


      Field Trip:  one room schoolhouse


              Beefing It UP!

                         Grammar-  Adjectives  pg. 17
                         watch Schoolhouse Rock - Adjectives
                          Using one of the sentences in the book circle 
                             or color the adjectives in School Journal (composition book) or 
                               Worksheet Works
                        Worksheet Works  - Adjectives

        Read Alouds

        Understood Betsy  Audio

        The Year of Miss Agnes

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