Friday, June 14, 2013

ACE Paces Catalog, Scope & Sequence & Home Educator's Manual - FREE Download

So you know I love ACE here's the full color catalog that you can download and look at and the Scope and Sequence

ACE Scope and Sequence

ACE (School of Tomorrow) Full Color Catalog -  NO LONGER WORKING!

ACE Home Educator's Manual   This spells out EXACTLY how to implement ACE Paces and is part of their home educator's kit ($25.00) - and it's free here!


  1. Hi the home educators manual link is not working. Would you be able to direct me where to find it? I've had a really interesting month, I had done a google search on easy Charlotte mason and found your site, then I enjoyed looking at which books you and your family were reading. I saw teaching secrets and motherhood savvy by Renee Ellison and checked into it. I have been amazed by that woman! She has been so helpful, and I am thinking of doing ace. I am in new Zealand so I have to join a group in order to get the Australian ace hq to send me paces. Or I can order from the US and pay heaps in shipping. But I still keep doubting, because we do love the books in Charlotte mason and have never been "workbook-y", are you still finding these PaCEs good? Any advice appreciated
    Diana :)

  2. Hi Diana,

    Thanks for stopping by and letting me know the link was broken. It's fixed now but please don't get too hung up on reading how they do it "in school" :) As I said in my curriculum choice page, I use the curriculum, it doesn't use me kwim?

    Sounds like you've been on an adventure! Renee is awesome!!! LOVE HER and so glad you found her writing helpful. Another helpful person has been Dr. Art Robinson. You can find his video under Robinson Blogs tab above or go to his website which is quite detailed. All of his kids (6) have Ph. D's in Science. Another favorite that I have is Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett. Very easy on mom to do and let's the kids discover their gifts and loves. She's always running specials! They include a booklist which is lovely and let's you do the CM thing. But remember let the kids do it...not you. She also has a HUGE pintrest board full of ideas!

    Here's a great post by Nadene over at Practical Pages blog

    Yes we still use the paces but we use them our way. Which is every day,six days a week we do the math pace and sometimes the english. We do history and science on Thursdays. We school year-round so this isn't a problem. I give the kids time off from paces when they have finished the level. We also do unit studies (child driven not mom..very important distinction) when I have time and energy. When I do that we only do Math paces since all the rest is combined.
    Charlotte Mason believed in children learning for themselves as well as reading good books. Somehow that point always goes missing in most of the Charlotte Mason stuff I see.

    As far as how I break out my time we use the Robinson Curriculum model and that would be what I would actually call myself. I don't use the CM idea of changing things up every 10 or 20min. for young kids.

    There is a facebook group for ACE, Robinson and Amanda Bennett where you could ask more questions.

    My best advice is do the 3r's and give your kids the time to investigate and explore their world!

    Good Luck!

  3. Forgot to say (like the above wasn't enough!) I highly recommend this audio from Debi Pearl at and the MP3's from Amanda Bennett at


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