Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Three Names - Again!!

Three Names

Social Studies  
  • Prairie Life
  • One Room Schoolhouse
          Prairie Life Download

              Life On The Prairie  - first 10 or so minutes
              One Room Schoolhouses in America
              Turkey Creek One Room Schoolhouse
              One Room Schoolhouse Experience vs Today's School  Room
              One Room Schoolhouse In Manitoba - in perfect condition!
              Days of the One Room Schoolhouse


    • Games to Play: marbles, fox and geese, mother may I?
    • Make Lemonade and Cookies
    • Lunch of Potatoes and butter 
    • Make butter
    • Copy a picture from Three Names in the style of the artist
    • Music  - Home on the Range, Westward Ho! tape


    • Multiplication using the book


    Field Trip:  one room schoolhouse


            Beefing It UP!

                       Grammar-  Adjectives  pg. 17
                       watch Schoolhouse Rock - Adjectives
                        Using one of the sentences in the book circle 
                           or color the adjectives in School Journal (composition book) or 
                             Worksheet Works
                      Worksheet Works  - Adjectives

      Read Alouds

      Understood Betsy  Audio

      The Year of Miss Agnes

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