Monday, June 10, 2013

What I LOVE About Paces!

So It's been about 5 months since we switched to ACE Paces and here's two things I LOVE about them:

1.      Portable Learning! 


2.  It gets done!!!   Last week was a bad week for me not feeling well and went on almost without me.  I say almost because I check my kids work but still.....such freedom to not HAVE to teach them everything and yet learning continues in the morning.  In the afternoon/evenings we do our unit studies when I feel up to it.

Now for the naysayers who think ACE is behind I just did a quickie check against other workbooks that you can get at the market or wallyworld and guess what??? It was ahead of them so that means it's ahead of what the school is doing and the explanations for the kids was SOOOO much better. 

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