Sunday, June 2, 2013

KONOS Obedience - Bible Link Share!

KONOS Links for Obedience - Bible

Printing Press

A Short History of Printing

The Impact of the Printing Press - visual only, no sound...but really good

Demonstrating the Gutenburg Press

Printing Press Demo In Kalona, Iowa - near our hubby's hometown

The Magic Of Printing  - Book Of Knowledge Encyclopedia (1957 Edition)  pg 4637

Inventors Of Printing - Book Of Knowledge Encyclopedia (1957 Edition) pg 4652

Scrolls, Manuscripts & Scribes

Manuscript Making

A Visit With A Sofer (Jewish Scribe)

Interview with a Female Jewish Scribe - very unusual for that community


Why The Bible Is The Most Reliable Ancient Manuscript

Bible Corrupted?  Dead Sea Scrolls Prove Otherwise

History of the Bible - From Papyrus to Print

How Paper is Made

How Paper is Made

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