Monday, January 18, 2016

Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett Sale.. $3!!

If you are long time reader you know we love unit studies and Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett are top on our list since there is NO teacher prep!  Just load it on the IPad or Kindle Fire and go to town!  If you need to write you can mark it up on the tablet or print out the page you need OR just use a spiral notebook (you know the cheapie ones that are .10 at the back to school sales!) you need a fresh new change for history or maybe just homeschool in general?  Check out TODAY only Amanda Bennett has Abraham Lincoln Unit Study on sale for $3!!!  February is Presidents day so why not take a break from the grind of textbooks and try this for fun?

Monday, January 4, 2016

Re-Rowing Katy and The Big Snow 2016 Edition!

Character Trait:  Dependable    You can be counted on!

If you don't have the book or would enjoy 
watching here ya go:  Katy and the Big Snow
                                       Katy and the Big Snow

Social Studies  

  • Running A City
  • Relationships - Responsibilities
  • Street Signs - make a city with street signs for matchbox or in our case ..the wood town 
  • Snowplows!!
              Railroad Snowplow
              Snowplow in DEEP snow
                Snowplows on Patrol - from library

**** Beefing Up:



***Beef Up:

  •   Research either Snowplows or Running a City and write 1-3 paragraphs about it.
  • Write a short story about what would happen if a city doesn't have street signs or rules
  • Play Grammar Gorillas - Make sure you have Adblocker Plus installed!!!
        ****Bonus:  Watch Auto B Good:  Land of Odds    - we have this


  • Details!
  • Snowplows- Look up in Book of Knowledge Encyclopedia or google pics
  • Copy a picture from Katy!


  • My kids know this but....addition, subtraction, multiplication, division using the pics 

****Beefing Up:


  • Weather 
         Difference in Weather and Climate

         What Will the Weather Be? by Lynda Dewitt - We have this

Read Alouds

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