Monday, August 13, 2012


Well you know that I LOVE me some Mathtacular and now I love Inquisikids!  What else can a busy homeschool mom say when you're kids BEG to watch Justin explain the skin that is
on water. LOL


  1. [smile] You just made my day. Glad your kids are enjoying the videos (and learning stuff too)!


  2. Hey Luke,

    Thanks for stopping by! Well to make this even funnier my kids have been doing that experiment in the bathtub and then "teaching" me about it.

    When we went on a nature walk and saw waterstriders I saw a teaching moment so I asked how they were able to stay on the top of the water and not sink. My sons then explained to me how they are walking on the "skin" that's on the water.

    Big Thanks!!


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