Thursday, August 23, 2012

Airstream Trailer Dream!

Kids playing happily means I have time to of things and one of those things is an Airstream Trailer.  Yes there is probably a bit of gypsy in me and I WANT this:

Can you believe that's in a TRAILER???  You can find info at: Turning a Vintage Trailer into Living Space with Matthew Hofmann  including the floor plan.  Here's another one that the same guy did

You can find pics of it over here

Now here's another Airstream and this time I'm going a totally different decorating theme...

These are Magnolia Rose's Airstream if you're wondering...Holy Cow!  Apparently they don't cook though because I don't see the normal accoutrements that would allow that.

now back to less frou-frou:

You can find out about the whole remodel and how to do it here   This one doesn't look like it has a kitchen at all so I guess it's just a spare room?

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