Monday, April 16, 2012

Booklet Printing on a Mac!

So if you do RC curriculum at all you'll be printing some books and you need to do that in booklet mode...have you ever tried to booklet print on a mac?  Not simple.  Unfortunately this is the one thing that Windows does better but fear not!  There is a way to make it super simple on a Mac.  It essentially comes down to using a program that is accessed through pdf and having a duplex printer (a printer that can print on both sides.)

1. Download Create BookletThis is a PDF service which can be accessed from the Print menu. Click the PDF button and choose Create Booklet from menu.

2.  Next you'll need to split up your document like I talked about in this post.  
The result booklet will be opened with Preview. You have to choose Print one more time to really print the booklet onto paper.

3.  When you tell it to print you need to choose double sided (duplex)  and then change the layout to short side.

Now go print out all those FREE books you've always wanted!

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