Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Unit Study Fun

So I'm not a huge fan of unit studies because the mom spends more time putting stuff together and PLANNING than I think the kids actually get out of it.  It seems like there is a lot of paper craft stuff that doesn't seem to be of any real educational value to warrant the LARGE amount of time (mom's mostly) doing it.  I do like FIAR because I don't have to do anything beside read a great book.  The same for Sonlight.  When I read a great book it doesn't take long for my kidlets to start "playing" what they have heard which means they are internalizing what they've heard and living with that.   So is there anything I do think is great about them? Well yes.  Having the kids learning together for one thing.  Delight directed learning at that, where they get to choose what they learn.  I'm not talking about the 3r's here.  That's done in the morning.  No I'm talking about those rabbit trails that happen when you're kid keeps asking you about something and you find books out of your personal library (aka Sonlight or the many sets of encyclopedias you have) to let them find out.  Notice I didn't say me find out.  Or how about youtube for when you need to find that train they really want to look at?...oh is that just me?  I didn't think so.

So then WHY would I put this post up if I'm not overly fond of unit studies?

Because I found one that doesn't involve tons of mom time but the kids can explore and have fun.  Now I'm going to say you probably should have a Ipad (we do) or some kind of tablet to make this really soar but you don't have to.  So what is it?

Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett

These things rock!  You download them and your ready with everything you need.  You can add the suggested books IF you want but most of them are not necessary (but cool if you have them).  All of these are internet linked so you just push the button and tada!  You have what you need!  We happen to be studying The Little Red Lighthouse and The Great Gray Bridge and guess what?  There was a sale for the lighthouse unit. COOL!  Seriously I like these well enough that I can see us adding this in for our afternoon funtime.

Right now there's an awesome sale going on for summer themed stuff

This week - buy 5 studies and get an additional $5 off
(buy the 5 titles on sale this week, and you save even more!)

Download N Go - K-4, 1 week - $4
Sunny Seashells
Dolphin Days
Whale Tales

Unit Study Adventure - K-12, 4 week - $5

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