Monday, May 13, 2013

Warning!!! Speed Trap Ahead - Show Low, AZ

So you just got  more of a warning  than I did on my recent trip home from vacay which took me through SO Low, AZ.  MASSIVE SPEED TRAP!

warning - vent ahead!

There you are doing the posted speed limit of 65 mph ( I know it was posted because I had JUST checked my GPS against it)  on hwy 60 when BAM!  Massive speed reduction of a posted 45mph sign WITH a camera on top to catch you.  There is no warning, no nothing except the a flash and you realizing that you've just had your pic snapped.  What a crock!  I haven't had a ticket in 25 years!  So to make things worse...luckily not for me....when you continue through SO Low they have ANOTHER trap at the end of the town within two little hills (just enough so you can't see)   a posted sign of 35mph and in the guessed it.... it's 25mph and wait for it....a cop sitting to get you.  As I left this town I watched as I don't know...maybe 15 or 20 people dressed in little orange jackets picking up trash along the side of the road looking pretty unhappy.  Guess they got community service for their ticket.

What a way to visit the White Mountains of Arizona AND what a way to get revenue in your little awful town.

Now I haven't received my thingy (can't be called a citation because an officer didn't give it to me) I'll likely have an excessive speeding thingy on my hands with a hefty fine in at least 2 C notes.

So here's what I'm going to do.  First of all IF you respond to the thingy then that shows it has been served to you and in that case you are in the system.  If you ignore it after 4 months then it hasn't been served and it will be dismissed.  end of story.  If I had the time and was closer I would fight this but if this has happened to you here's a great website:  No Photo Enforcement - Arizona   This was an obvious speed trap as defined by Arizona law because there was NO reduction signs which are required and there was NO sign that stated it was photo enforced ahead...unless you count the sign that actually had the camera on it which had a photo enforce sign on it.

Can you tell I'm mad??

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