Thursday, March 26, 2015

The BEST KONOS Workshop EVER!!!


I have all the KONOS stuff like "Creating the Balance" DVD (and VHS!?!?!) and for really old skool i've got "How To Use KONOS Curriculum" on in cassette tape.  Ya baby, that's old skool.  But I've never really felt like "oh ya,  I can do that!!!"  Mostly I felt like, wow, I must need to be the energizer bunny just to get it all done.  Honestly the KONOS website is confusing to me and cluttered so I just don't go there.  But my KONOS love/hate has just changed.  

 I've known about the South African distributor of KONOS (OIKOS) for years but a couple of days ago I ran across their easy, uncluttered website again.   They have a  KONOS workshop that you can watch on Vimeo for $5!  It was THE BEST 5 bucks I've spent in a LONG time.  It shows how simple and EASY using KONOS can be.  The website is so easy to navigate and get started using KONOS that it's as simple as watching the videos and do what they say.  What a breath of fresh air that my little homeschool needed! :)

If you're confused with KONOS and unit studies in general go to the OIKOS website and watch the videos (free!)'s life changing! 

and no...I've not been paid to say this or given anything for free...just sharing the love.

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