Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Make Way For Ducklings Links!


  • Read Exodus 2:1-10

Social Studies  

  • Geography - Boston, Massachusetts
                            Learn About Massachusetts
                             Flag of Massachusetts
                             What is the Time and Weather in Russia?   - put it on the thermometer
                             Boston Top 10 Attractions
                            Boston Vacation Travel Guide 
                            Boston Common Swan Boats

  • Color Disk
  • Read About Boston & Massachusetts in Golden Book Encyclopedias
  • Map Skills - make a map of the house

   Language Arts 

  • Rhyme
               Make up rhymes
               Play Rhyme Bingo- Make sure you have an Ad blocker program!! 

        Beefing It UP!

                   Copywork - make copywork from the book or a bible selection
                   Grammar-  Adjectives
                   Watch Schoolhouse Rock - Adjectives
                    Using one of the sentences in the book circle or color the adjectives in School Journal     (composition book) or Worksheet Works


    • Medium
    • Caldecott Medal
    • Shading


    •  Multiplication  - There are SO many videos for this on youtube...
    • Converting Days to Weeks - weirdly no videos for this....

              *** Beefing it Up!


    • Ducks Eggs 
               Using the book A Nestful of Eggs  
    • Animal Parenting
    • Migration
              Ducks Unlimited Waterfowl Migration  
              Winged Migration - starts with for 80 millions years bit...

    ****Beefing Up
             Research Migration or Ducks and write a 3 paragraph report.  

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