Tuesday, March 26, 2013


It's spring cleaning time!  We're dumping the clutter....finally. I'm sick of tons of stuff.  How about you???  You know..the stuff that moved with me to the midwest...and stayed in the box until we moved to this house and it's STILL in the same boxes from the first move.  Yes, we moved boxes that had been packed from the first move and NEVER opened.  ugh.   They are now cluttering up my garage and we have a storage unit.  Or how about the fact that we moved into a house 1/2 the size of the last house.  More boxes full of ???  I don't even know anymore.  So if you're like me here's a couple of places to start with.  



First thing in the morning, after you've done chores and started dinner,  pick one thing that you don't want to do and do it for 15 min using a timer...then stop.  Repeat the next day and the next day until it's all gone or done.  Go into the room you want clutter free for example and remove EVERYTHING that you don't want there and put into a dump box (could be laundry basket..whatever you have around that's really big and clean).  So let's say you want all the counters clean you remove everything off the counters or table top or whatever it is that you want clutter free.  Now go through your dump box and put things away where they belong or put them in another box called give away.  EASY.  Keep this up until the whole house (garage, basement, shed also) is done.  This will take time but in a couple of weeks (er..months) you'll see results.  Also it's really, really important that you keep the rest of the house running meaning:  the day to day stuff..dishes, dinner, laundry etc. ..so start first with this then move onto the rest of your day.  If you have a bad habit of sitting on the computer or watching too much TV..now is the time to stop and get your house in order.

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