Saturday, January 26, 2013

Very Last First Time

This last week we rowed Very Last First Time and I incorporated some KONOS in it so if you have KONOS Volume III it's page 125 in mine.

We Discussed:

Inuit culture
Ungava Bay
Ordinal Numbers
Dressing for Conditions
Simple Machines - Levers

We watched:

Toot and Puddle Arctic Adventure - I had this burned from years ago

Igloo Building

Curious George Season 5 Episode 7  George's Home Run/ Monkey On Ice

BBCNews  Inuit's Risky Mussel Harvest Under Sea Ice   - this is a bit sensationalist so I DID'NT read the  subtitles :)

Under The Ice

For olders:
Nanook of the North - it's ALOT of hunting and such and sleep neked so you're warned :)

we looked up:

Placed a story disc on our map of Ungava Bay
Unganva Bay
Weather in Unganva Bay  HOLY COW it's cold there!
Inuit Culture

We read:

Childcraft        Eskimos  (they are actually inuits but they don't have that listed)
Book Of Knowledge

We Created:

We water color painted the front of the book
We discussed pointillist and painted a picture using that technique
We made an igloo out of ice cubes - This was a FAIL!  should have read the instructions better
we made inuit sun glasses - this was something the littles really couldn't do by themselves so I would eliminate this for littles but maybe for middles.

We Dramatized:

We made an underwater Ice cave and went mussel hunting

I just happen to have mussels from last fall when we would go hiking around the lake

Someone has already done a bunch of stuff finding videos on Youtube for Very Last First Time!  Thanks whoever you are :)

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