Thursday, January 10, 2013

Everything Homeschool - K-12 for $15.95!

Need a cheap K-12 curriculum that is Delight Directed ( aka Child Led, Unschooling, funschooling)??  They are little hard to come by.  Most if not all boxed curriculum involve history as the spine and everything else revolving around that.  Unless you use unit studies but even then you're somewhat limited to what is scheduled for the day (or week or month).  

Here's a great find if you need unit studies or inspiration for K-12.  Seriously it is soooo worth it for only $15.95 for a year of ideas that are internet linked and completely download and go.    There really is so much on this site once you join that you could be there for a while so put on a Sparkle Story and have a look see.  They have lesson plans for all the years of school INCLUDING language arts and math which most, if not all of the "complete" curriculums don't come with. 

So without further ado.... Everything Homeschool

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