Friday, May 25, 2012

Natural Mosquito Repellent!

So we live where humidity + heat = mosquitos.

I have for the last 3 years been trying to find something, ANYTHING that would be natural and work.  So far I've been totally unsuccessful.  We had the mozzy bites to prove it.  But when the PIL came with the bees they also brought something I've been wanting to try out.  Lemongrass oil.  First off I couldn't figure out WHY would they be bringing lemongrass oil???  They are not exactly the natural "organic" type of people so I was confused.  Turns out lemongrass is used to attract bees when they swarm so you can capture them.  Now that you know is also AMAZING as a mosquito and tick repellent.  Here's how I use it.  I have repurposed a old bottle of organic hair detangler from the kids that had a fine mist.  I filled it with 8 oz distilled water and then 30 drops of lemongrass oil.  Shake and apply.  I will tell you that if your sweating like a alot it might sting but that's nothing compared to days of itching or worse finding some creepy tick stuck on your scalp or worse.  The best part to all of this is you don't smell like some yucky deet bug spray but like!  You can find lemongrass oil online or at your local organic "groovy" store or Whole Foods Market (aka..whole paycheck).

Now go outside and enjoy your kids!

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