Friday, July 16, 2010

Old Skool!

So I've been rereading The 15 Minute Organizer by Emilie Barnes (it's in my carousel list on the sidebar). I started reading it again because once...a long time ago...I was organized and then I moved, got married, had kids and then moved again. But, before all that I used this book to keep the house clean and it worked.

Now I must say that I've used many, many, many more organizers than I really want to admit to and they've all failed...really bad. I've had the PDA, apps, Flylady you name it and it hasn't worked. So one day I remembered when I was organized and that I had a 3 x 5 card file I used. I rummaged through the garage full of junk and found it. That in itself deserves a medal but that's another story....

Then I looked at it...all the cards filed neatly in order of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-yearly and yearly and thought... wow...what happened to me??? The thing is, I couldn't remember where I had gotten the idea from. There is no way I came up with this system by myself...just NO WAY.

And then about a week ago, I remembered a book I really liked...a long time ago. I had just put all my stored books away neatly in a bookshelf so finding the book would be no problem. Out I darted OAM for that book ( 15 Minute Organizer) and surprisingly I found it. I opened that book and it all came back to me. HERE is where I got all the ideas that had worked for me before. How to manage all the mail that comes in, how to store stuff so you can actually find it and for some reason (the advent of PDA's) I thought I could find something better..HA!

Emilie Barnes has many books available from back in the day so if you can get your hands on any of them you go for it. I think you'll see she's a wealth of knoweledge about keeping a house. She brings Titus 2: 3-5 home

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