Saturday, July 31, 2010

Flying With Kids and Car Seats

So I've flown I don't know how many times with my two under 4's starting with when my little guy was only 18 mo and I did it without help..yes that's right I hauled 2 car seats, computer, diaper bag and our bags. It was horrible. I also am one of the only people who put their kids in a restraint on the plane which means I've had to haul two huge car seats on the plane with me and my two kids. You should see the looks I've gotten...good thing I don't care.

Now you may wonder why on earth I would drag two car seats on the plane and I can tell you in one word: BOYS! yes I have two boys and they don't stop moving so a plane ride alone would be miserable and let's not forget that you always have one that needs to visit the potty during flight. I can barely fit in that stupid bathroom let alone changing a dirty diaper (yes..I've done that with turbulence no less)

Let me just say that the only help I've gotten has been from women. Most guys (who were with their wives) would tell me I was brave but NO help...nice. What happened to chivalry?

Anyways for anyone who's had to do this I just found this and let me tell you it isn't cheap but I would have jumped on it in a minute had I known about it earlier:

Cares Aviation Flight Restraint

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