Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Miss Rumphius - Repost!


Social Studies  

  • by the Sea - Maine 
  • Special Work - Gifts,What do you like to do?
  • Aging - talk about how it's a part of life and you're not able to do as much 
  • Regions of the world - Look up all the places  on a  map mentioned in the book  tropical island,  mountains, jungles & deserts. The books mentions Kangaroos (Australia) and Lotus-Eaters (Djerba and greek mythology)  
  • Tall Ships! - If Kids' are really interested Amanda Bennett has this  


  • Library Systems - play library
  • Vocab - either copywork, color a picture about one, word search


  • Details!
  • Islamic Architecture - Look up in Book of Knowledge or google pics
  • Copy a picture of Islamic Architecture


  • Bushels & Pecks - we farm so we actually have real bushel & peck baskets hanging around.    


  • Plants, Seeds - We've already grown beans in glass but do  this again.  Sow some lupines seeds we have.  
  • Telling direction by the sun - go outside and find points of a compass by where the sun is
  • Shells - Conchs and pearl diving

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