Monday, July 27, 2015

Henry The Castaway!!


  • Read Numbers 13 - Exploring the Land

Social Studies  

  • Explorers 
                            Explorers of North America
                             Explorers of the New World  - May be tiresome for the smallest so do in parts
  • Color Disk
  • Read About explorers in Golden Book Encyclopedias or online encyclopedia
  • Map Skills - make a map of the house (or yard)

****Beefing It Up

Research an explorer and write a paragraph about what you've learned.

   Language Arts 

  • Vocabulary:  Orinoco River, Crocodile, Yellow Fever
  • Allusion

****Beefing It UP

Write a sentence (or two) using the vocabulary words.
Put vocabulary in alphabetical order
Copywork - make copywork from the book or a bible selection

Grammar-  Adjectives

  • Watch Schoolhouse Rock - Adjectives
  • Using one of the sentences in the book as copywork,  circle or color the adjectives in School Journal     (composition book) or Worksheet Works

                        -Quotes   "   "

  •                  Learn about quotes and then do the practice.  Write a sentence using quotes.  
                      - Commas

  •                 Download and do this practice sheet


    • Expression
                                Draw a picture in the style of the artist using expressions
    • Mixed Medium


    •  Tallying  
    Tally ChartMake sure you have an Ad blocker program!!
    Tally GameMake sure you have an Ad blocker program!!

    ***Beefing It Up!

          Deep Dive - Multiplication Game Make sure you have an Ad blocker program!!
                     Estimation Game - Make sure you have an Ad blocker program!!
    Estimation Game 2 - Make sure you have an Ad blocker program!!
    Place Value Fun Game - Make sure you have an Ad blocker program!!
    Place Value Hockey - Make sure you have an Ad blocker program!!


    • Survival Skills

    • River Currents

     National Geographic Currents
    National Geographic Orinoco River - ***tribal nudity (far away though...)


    Your Story Hour - Yellowjack    ***about yellow fever, could be a bit much for the younger crowd

    ****Beefing Up
             Research River Currents, Orinoco, Crocodiles, Kingfisher or Scottish Terrier and write a 3 paragraph report.  

    Read Aloud

    Robinson Crusoe or Listen

    The House at Pooh Corner (Winnie-the-Pooh)

     Winnie-the-Pooh, the Original Version
     The One In Which Christopher Robin Leads an Expotition To The North Pole  **if you can only read one chapter this one is great

    Please do NOT get the Disney version!  The original has wonderful illustrations that all children should see and love!

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