Sunday, August 24, 2014

Glorious Flight Links!!

Social Studies - France/ White Cliffs of Dover, Englad


                          Pictures of the White Cliffs of Dover 

                         White Cliffs of Dover Facts

                          Rick Steve's Europe - South England - Dover to Land's End

                          White Cliffs of Dover Song:
                                   Original Vera Lynn
                                   Britain's Got Talent 10 YO
                          Cambrai, France

                           Pics of Cambrai and maps

                           Color FIAR Disk


LA Onomatopoeia Game - Make sure you have an AD Blocker!!
       Choosing a Title
       Drama - Act Out

Art -  Appreciation
          Make a Picture in the Style of the Artist

Math - Roman Numerals, Ordinal Numbers, Math Story Problems
           Roman Numberals
           Roman Numeral Train - Make sure you have an AD Blocker!!!
           Roman Numeral Game - Make sure you have an AD Blocker!!!

           Ordinal Numbers
           Ordinal Numbers Video - Make sure you have an AD Blocker!!!
           Ordinal Number Game - Make sure you have an AD Blocker!!!
           Ordinal Number Game -you'll need to pick which game

           Math Story Problems

           Papa Bleriot starts inventing in 1901 and its 1909 when he has something that flies?  How Long did it take?   Answer:  8 years     

           Papa Bleriot flew in 1909, how long has it been?   Answer:  105
           Papa Bleriot left France at 4:35 am and it took him 36 minutes to get there.  What time was it?
               Answer:  5:
           When Papa Bleriot hits the pumpkin cart the Entire Bleriot family helps pick up (8) people.  There were 64 pumkins, How many did each person pick up.   Answer:  8
            Alphonse Juvet decides to give each of the Bleriot family 3 pumpkins.  How many does he give?  Answer:  24
          11 AM

Science - Process of Invention, Flying
               Process of Invention

                  Actual Footage Of Bleriot Day Of Flight
                  Aviation History - Bleriot
                  Bleriot XI Plane model
                 Aerodynamics of Flight
                 Fly A Plane Game - Need Ad Blocker
                Make paper airplanes!!
Lapbook for Glorious Flight

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