Monday, June 16, 2014

Big Ol List Of Audio Books! - NO TV Summer

Here's my second post on alternatives to TV for summer...or beyond!

Here's my post on Kiddie Hi-Fi - classic kid records on the internet for download!!

Our favorite pay for listening....Sparkle Stories!!

My Audio School for everything classic literature!! all organized for your ease of use. 

Librovox!!  you can use this for even your listening pleasure.  These are all public domain books read by regular people.
Internet Archive...tons'll have to know what you're looking for so here's some to start:

                      Let's Pretend
                    Old Time Radio - This one alone you could be lost for days...keep in mind most of this was just entertainment so you'll need to wade through it like you do the TV

Wholesome Childhood is running a Summer Fire Sale on Audios for the next 5 days and their sister site

Homeschool Freebie of the Day usually has an audio every couple of days.  They are the authors of 

Here's my post about Your Story Hour is great because they are coming from a christian perspective. 

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