Monday, October 21, 2013

A Pair Of Red Clogs Links!

SS:  Geography
                      Geography of Japan
                      Japan - National Geographic Traveler
                      Tour Of Traditional Japanese Home
                      Traditional Japanese Drummers
                      Traditional Japanese Music Performance
                      Cooking Sukiyaki - Very Traditional Japanese Meal
                      Japanese Culture Circa 1963
                      Japanese Clog (geta) Shop
                      Japanese Rain Geta (clogs)
                      Walking On Wood

***Beefing UP

Research Japan in an encyclopedia and write a sentence or paragraph about it Or make a map and mark important cities and Mt. Fuji

LA - Vocab- word search
         Drama - Act Out

Art -  Colored Pencil
         Unity of Theme Through Color          
         Make a Picture in the Style of the Artist

Math - Playing Store, Money and adding Money

***Beef UP   
           Add up the shoes the Store owner has
Science - Weather
                Weather for Kids
                Weather Forecasting

                  All About Clouds

***Beef UP 

                 Cloud In A Bottle Experiment

Go to Japanese Dinner or make it!!!

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