Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Add-On's For Your Literature Based Curriculum!

Well it's no secret that I LOVE literature and so do my kids...but...what can you do to add a little pizzaz without Mommy going nutz?  If you're not notebooking your book here's some ideas....

  1. Cook:  Find a recipe from the country that the book is about                                                          
  2. Read:  OUTSIDE!!!  or at least not in your regular places...make a reading "fort"
  3. Art:  Give them coloring pages, empty pages, water color paints, coloring pencils, crayons, home    made salt dough, real dough, scissors, old magazines, egg cartons....you get the idea.  Ask them to make something about the book.
  4. Act:  Let them have the bath towels, clothes pins, hubby's old shirt, your old skirts, scarfs.
  5. Map:  Either make a map or download one  or get one and have them coloring, sticker...whatever!
  6. Grow:  Definitely grow your food.  Lots of science first hand!  You can even just have a window garden.
  7. Craft:  Just let them loose on the recycle pile and see what they can come up with!  Just don't tell them what to do, let them create!
  8. Field Trip:  Get out and discover what your reading!  It will do you and the kids good to get out.  This doesn't mean homeschool group stuff, I'm talking about just you and the kids.  Even the grocery store can be a field trip!  Grocery Bingo anyone?  Shapes, money, color...the ideas are limitless.  You can also do scavenger hunts at the grocery store as well based on the same ideas.  Or even math using a worksheet and a clipboard
  9. Puppet Show:   This really cements the story and littles LOVE this.  You can have the olders make the puppets and do the show or if you have only littles have them help you make puppets.  The puppets don't have to be elaborate.  They could just be paper bag puppets that they make ;)
  10. Coloring Books:  Dover makes all KINDS of coloring books that you can buy about the time period you are studying.

Well I hope you find some fun this week!

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