Monday, July 23, 2012

First Grade Apps

I've had my fair share of education apps on my ipad, iphone and ipod to tell you that most of them do nothing other than entertain your kid with little learning involved.  I have one kid who just bangs the button and somehow manages to win?!?!?!  That in itself should let you know that an app isn't "educational"  it's "entertainment" and in my opinion a worthless waste of time.  So do I have app's I like?  yes...and here are today's edition:

Alphabet & Learning to Write:

iWriteWords (Handwriting Game) - gdiplus

Dolch Words:

Word BINGO -

Montessori Crosswords -  Spelling With Phonics-Enabled Alphabet - L'Escapadou


abc PocketPhonics: letter sounds & writing + first words - Apps in My Pocket Ltd

Bob Books #1 - Reading Magic HD - Learning Touch

Bob Books #2 - Reading Magic HD - Learning Touch

Phonics and Reading With McGuffey - Software For a Better World


Math Bingo -

Interactive Telling Time - Learning to tell time is fun - GiggleUp Kids Apps And Educational Games Pty Ltd

A Montessori Approach to Math - Hundred Board! - Rantek Inc.

Memory Game: Addition - @Reks

Memory Game: Subtraction - @Reks

Fractions App By Tap To Learn - TapToLearn Software

General Grade:

TeachMe: Kindergarten - 24x7digital LLC

TeachMe: 1st Grade - 24x7digital LLC

TeachMe: 2nd Grade - 24x7digital LLC

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