Saturday, October 1, 2011

Need To Scan Some Books?

Well i'm heading into new territory by buying an Ipad.  I was thinking I wanted to scan some of my kids books and was wondering about some of my bigger books as well. ..and then...I found this by The Golden Road To Samarqand

How To Scan ALOT of book

This mom lives internationally and homeschools her kids by using ereaders and Ipads. 

I love when someone figures things out for me! Now I can take all the stuff I want and have the kids write on the  STill though, part of me thinks it's weird that this generation of kids is not going to be as familiar with books as we are.  I think that's how my parents probably feel about computers...guess I'll get over it.

UPDATE:  ACk!..this post was riddled with typos.  Guess I shouldn't post while kids are running around LOL

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