Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kindergarten Curriculum

Here's my current curriculum for kindy.


Mother Stories from the New Testament
Mother Stories from the Old Testament

Language Arts (maybe 10 min):

Queen Homeschool Language Lessons For Little Ones #2

Wood Blocks
LeapFrog Talking Words Factory DVD
ABC Books Like:
Lucy & Tom's abc

Math (maybe 10 min):

Math Lessons For A Living Education
Games for Math
Family Math for Young Children
Leapfrog Math Circus DVD
Number books like:
One is 1

History/Geography/Science (maybe 10 Min):

Five In A Row/Before Five In A Row
Wee Folk Art Kindy Curriculum per season

Read Alouds (maybe 10 min):

I alternate History, Science and Literature (a lot of these are ebooks on my Ipod)

Kindergarten Gems
Burgess Bird Book
Among the Farmyard People
The Story Mother Nature Told Her Children
Stories of Great Americans For Little Americans
Stories of American Life and Adventure
Storytime and the Millers
Tiptoes Lightly

Picture Books (our evening reading):

Anything by Shirley Hughes!
Rod and Staff Little Jewel Books
Wee Folk Art Curriculum covers this
FIAR/B4FIAR covers this

Nature Study:

Handbook of Nature Study website and ebooks
Pets In A Jar
Nature In A Nutshell
The Kids' Nature Book - 365 Indoor/Outdoor Activities & Experiences
Watching our backyard!

Picture/Artist Study:

Come Look With Me series

On Audio Tape:

Winnie the Pooh
House at Pooh Corner
James Herriot Treasury
French for Babies
German for Babies


pretty much our whole day!

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