Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Genesis Science Network! - Science the EASY way

Oh my!!  What a resource this is!  If you homeschool for half a second you know that science shows on TV are NOT creation friendly...no worries now because Genesis Science Network has you covered!  Seriously this is very exciting and you can stream on most of your devices or watch on streaming TV through apps.   Or if you don't have those you can stream it on your computer!  They have 24 hour program and while there is lap over it's so refreshing to be able to click this on and not have to do the usual..."no honey we don't believe we came from apes"  or  "no honey we don't believe the universe is 60 billion years old" bit.  Click the picture or here and GO DONATE so they stay on!

We plan on using this for science this year..nice and easy for mommy ;)

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